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“Freedom lies in being bold.” 
― Robert Frost

Welcome to the first ‘issue’ of SUITED, the official blog of THE SUITED FOX. Every month on the third Friday, you will receive our online magazine covering a variety of topics, including information on promotions and offers coming down the pike. This month, we are talking about chambray, chicken, culinary people, golf, good shopping and freedom. But, let’s talk about you first.

THE SUITED FOX can help you create an enviable style.

Do you want to own the suit you saw on a celebrity or your friend? Or …

Do you want to own the suit a celebrity or friend wishes they bought? If so, you are one of those people who find freedom in making bold choices. Owning one of our custom suits (or tux or shirts or blazers) says your taste means more. Did you know that the most expensive off-the-rack or couture suit still requires tailoring to fit your body? For a fraction of the price, you can own a made-to-measure, custom suit in a fabric and style you choose.


This is a hot summer. Record temperatures rule. Wearing hot clothing for work, play or formal occasions can be uncomfortable and just mess up our swagger. We cannot have that! Remember this tip from our Instagram feed?


And this tip?


One of our chambray custom shirts can go with everything and can be worn anywhere. It can be worn all year round with a variety of fabric weights. For summer, we suggest:

  • A blue chambray dress shirt with a paisley linen ascot with a blue linen suit for a formal nighttime event
  • A chambray shirt with a straight bottom customized to be worn untucked with a pair of linen trousers can look great at the clubhouse or afternoon barbecue
  • A chambray shirt with our charcoal custom suit can help you win a deal with a client


Chefs cook chicken, right? Well, that’s all we’ve got. But we love a few good recipes by one of the most renowned and best-dressed chefs, Geoffrey Zakarian.  


Maybe you will be inclined to try his Chicken with Basil and Pecorino, Italian Chicken Pasta Salad, and Stove-Free Chicken with Red Bliss Potatoes, Summer Squash and Chile-Garlic Butter. And don’t forget National Chicken Wing Day is July 29. See what we did there?


There’s more to golf than pink plaid trousers, the clubhouse, and balls. Golfing is a lifestyle. The PGA has Golf for Beginners: Golf etiquette, rules and glossary. Read them. Golf isn’t for everyone, and we respect that fact. What about putt-putt? Did you know putt-putt is making a major comeback? Plaid pants are not required for putt-putt, but if you need a pair, we’ve got you.


This is the right time to take advantage of our July promotions. Why? You can buy now for later and you can buy before we have price increases. More about those increases coming soon, but for now you can buy:
• 6 Shirts (Leader’s Package) $510 – that’s a great deal for a shirt you can customize to your tastes and style.
• Spring and summer fabric sale: Linen, Seersucker, and all summer weight fabrics are 20% off.
• Introducing our referral program! For every new client that you introduce to the Suited Fox that purchases 2 suits or 2 shirts or 2 slacks or 2 blazers, you will get your choice of the same item of equal value for FREE!

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