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Cigar Smoke & Custom Clothing Care

Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf (cigar-smokers) tend to be fly and wear their best clothing. Some of that clothing is ours. The question always arises about keeping your custom made garments from absorbing cigar smoke. We have a few tips.

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Your Holiday Season Deserves the Velvet Touch

One thing about a beautifully, artfully crafted velvet suit by The Suited Fox is that you will never have to search for something to wear to your holiday events. It’s not only an elegant choice but a practical and timeless one too. The women and men who have ordered our velvet suits have shared the […]

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Welcome to SUITED

“Freedom lies in being bold.”  ― Robert Frost Welcome to the first ‘issue’ of SUITED, the official blog of THE SUITED FOX. Every month on the third Friday, you will receive our online magazine covering a variety of topics, including information on promotions and offers coming down the pike. This month, we are talking about chambray, […]

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