It’s July but We’re Looking at These Three Fall Trends in Fashion & Color

We scoured several fashion magazines to find three fall fashion trends and three fall color trends that will possibly inspire you to collaborate with us on your fall custom clothing wardrobe.


  1. Elevated daywear that can take you anywhere you want to go from work to outings with friends to evenings with a date.
  2. Bold plaids that make an entrance. We’re not talking about slouchy lumberjack plaids. We’re talking luxury plaids in the form of statement garments: outerwear, sports coats, and trousers.
  3. Peacoats with panache. When customized, the peacoat is the one double-breasted garment that can look good on anyone at any time of day or night. Our custom peacoat comes in a variety of lengths, fabrics and linings.

Color Trends:

  1. Italian Plum or you can choose aubergine or eggplant. It makes a nice primary color as well as an accent color in your wardrobe.
  2. Dark Gull Gray is not quite charcoal but not gray gray. It’s a neutral that can be worn with any color.
  3. Raw Umber is a brown that is earthy enough to wear to work or out to brunch with friends. Treat it like a neutral and sky is the limit.

(If you want to learn more about fall color trends, visit Pantone the color experts.)

Email for a consultation. We’ll pull out our fabric samples and listen to your fall wardrobe vision.

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