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Follow These 7 Fashion Tips Your Grandparents Knew

Our parents and grandparents knew more about fashion than we’d care to admit. Some of their advice holds true today.  Strive for quality over quantity. It’s better to own quality garments and clothing items than lots of clothing that won’t stand the tests of time.  Train your eye for quality. Study luxury fabrics and how […]

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Make the Custom Clothing Lifestyle a Family Affair

At one time in American history, everyone wore custom clothing. People wove their own fabrics, sewed their clothes, cobbled their shoes and more before the advent of mass-produced retail clothing. People made a living as tailors and seamstresses making clothes for others. Custom was their lifestyle. And it was a family affair.  People who loved […]

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Welcome to SUITED

“Freedom lies in being bold.”  ― Robert Frost Welcome to the first ‘issue’ of SUITED, the official blog of THE SUITED FOX. Every month on the third Friday, you will receive our online magazine covering a variety of topics, including information on promotions and offers coming down the pike. This month, we are talking about chambray, […]

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