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Plan Your Fall Custom Wardrobe with Pantone

Fall 2022 is approaching. If you’re one of our custom clothing clients, then the Pantone Color Institute™ has published their Fall/Winter 2022 colors. This group of colors are brighter and bolder and the neutrals look good with any of the high color choices. According to Pantone, the colors are both restful and restorative as well […]

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5 Facts about Linen: A Misunderstood Luxury Fabric

Afraid to wear linen, because it wrinkles easily? Fear not, linen wrinkles and will wrinkle. As someone once said, “That’s how you know it’s real.” And by “real” they meant unlike linen-wannabes made of synthetic fibers. The world’s most expensive linens will wrinkle. Still, wrinkling is just one of its attributes that make it a […]

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Welcome to SUITED

“Freedom lies in being bold.”  ― Robert Frost Welcome to the first ‘issue’ of SUITED, the official blog of THE SUITED FOX. Every month on the third Friday, you will receive our online magazine covering a variety of topics, including information on promotions and offers coming down the pike. This month, we are talking about chambray, […]

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