Follow These 7 Fashion Tips Your Grandparents Knew

Our parents and grandparents knew more about fashion than we’d care to admit. Some of their advice holds true today. 

  1. Strive for quality over quantity. It’s better to own quality garments and clothing items than lots of clothing that won’t stand the tests of time. 
  2. Train your eye for quality. Study luxury fabrics and how good clothing is constructed. Do the plaids match up at the seam? Are your winter garments lined? 
  3. Clean then store your seasonal clothing. 
  4. Repair clothing as needed instead of discarding or replacing items. A quick fix will restore it to wearable. Keep the phone number to your local tailor or seamstress handy. 
  5. Own undergarments and foundations that keep your clothing looking smooth and polished on the outside. 
  6. Invest in accessories that complement your wardrobe and also lend to your sense of personal style. Cheap accessories make your custom or bespoke clothing look cheap too. 
  7. Dress for the occasion and season. 

These tips seem simple enough, right? They’re also very practical and worth passing down to your children. 
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