Make the Custom Clothing Lifestyle a Family Affair

At one time in American history, everyone wore custom clothing. People wove their own fabrics, sewed their clothes, cobbled their shoes and more before the advent of mass-produced retail clothing. People made a living as tailors and seamstresses making clothes for others. Custom was their lifestyle. And it was a family affair. 

People who loved good, quality attire often passed on that love to their children. There are custom clothiers over 100 years old that still exist based on long-time, generational clientele. Why is that? 

  • No one wants to look like everyone else. 
  • They all want to look their very best no matter their economic status or social stature. 
  • And bespoke, custom clothing lasts much longer than most retail fare. 

You don’t have to create a bunch of minis who dress just like you. However, you can follow these tips to introduce your clan and kin to the custom lifestyle. 

  1. Take them to a custom clothier you trust so they can learn the process and hear how it benefits them in the long run. 
  2. Depending on their age, take them to a custom fitting for a starter garment. 
  3. Show them the differences between what you’ve purchased from a retailer and one of your custom pieces. 

If your custom attire makes you feel good and look good, then it will most likely make your children or siblings feel and look good too. With your help, they will learn the value of having custom garments in their wardrobe. 
Email us at for a special family consultation and fitting. We will be more than happy to have your family be our client for generations.

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