Our Fall (and Winter) 2022 Custom Formal Attire Tips

When you buy our custom clothing, you bypass the need to be trendy as well as afford yourself the opportunity to follow trends with your custom spin on fabrics, buttons, collars…anything we make for you is all about you. Our custom formal attire has been worn by professional athletes, high school and college students, grooms and professional men and women. We don’t always approve of trends, but here are a few we think have classic written all over them. In other words, you will be able to wear these styles for a very long time.

  • The Camel Topcoat that can be worn over tuxedos. If camel isn’t your color, our black overcoat made of the finest luxury fabric will also do the job.
  • The Brocade Evening Coat for men and women is also another option to wear over your custom formal attire. Choose a brocade for the outer shell and another for the lining that match your suit, tux or evening gown.
  • Fine Leather Dress Shoe is a perfect shoe to keep handy for formal attire. We make a shoe in black and grey gradations that you’d love. We also have a black suede loafer that works well with dressy suits. Ask us about a velvet opera slipper.
  • Shirts and Ties with Personality are always in style. We have collections that rise to your occasion from silks to cottons to prints to solids custom-made with your choice of collars, cuffs, buttons and more. If a tie doesn’t suit you, then try an ascot or cravat or NO TIE.
  • Be Classy and Colorful. Period. Wear a traditional tux in a non-traditional, custom color.

During the month of August, you can purchase your custom formal attire at 2020 prices. If you’re getting married, order the earliest as possible and bring your party with you for additional savings. The same goes for friends and fellow prom-goers. Email rep@thesuitedfox.com for details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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