More Women are Choosing Custom Suiting and We Know Why

More and more women are choosing custom clothing to fulfill their professional and personal needs. As a custom clothier, we listen to their reasons and want to share a few with you. 

  1. She is comfortable in her own skin and so confident that she won’t give into trends or popular brands. 
  2. She wants something all of her own and not seen on every other woman. 
  3. She knows custom clothing is investment clothing that pays for itself with every wear. 
  4. She is in search of a flattering style and fit. 

And there’s one more reason…

She doesn’t have time to waste shopping for a new outfit for every occasion, when she has custom garments that are luxurious in her closet. Her custom clothing can be dressed up or worn casually. Her custom clothing can look different with changes in accessories and occasions. 

The Suited Fox can serve as your wardrobe consultant. We will work with you to fashion your unique style and taste into beautiful custom garments that will outlast much of what is found in stores. Email for an appointment. 

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