5 Things to Expect From Custom Clothing

Custom clothing is a bit mysterious to some people. They believe it can be too pricey or a waste of money. Some even believe they can purchase something better right off of the rack. While others would rather wear a brand name garment they see on their favorite entertainers and athletes. We definitely understand the misconceptions, so we’ve come up with five things every person can expect from custom clothing.

  1. Custom clothing is investment clothing. You pay for the quality and the ability to have a garment that is fit to your body and in colors that reflect your unique personality.
  2. Custom clothing is about your evolution as a woman or man – personally and professionally. Custom clothing meets people where they are in life, especially those people who know that their appearance can possibly affect their goals and bottom lines.
  3. Custom clothing is timeless. Some of the same custom styles offered today were also available 50 years ago.
  4. Custom clothing is practical. You can purchase custom formal wear one day but see the purpose and necessity of owning a custom shirt wardrobe.
  5. Lastly, you will pay the same amount of money maintaining your custom wardrobe as you will one off of the rack. The difference will be which garment – off-the-rack or custom – will stand up to the wear and tear of cleaning fluids.

Our money is on custom clothing. Email us for a consultation or purchase: rep@thesuitedfox.com and we look forward to meeting with you.

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