How it Works


It’s all about the fabric. Fabric is the key to a quality and well-made custom shirt.  We carry a wide range of high-grade fabrics, such as Egyptian and Swiss cotton, long staple cotton yarn, Italian silks and linens, in solid stripes and checks, in various designs and sizes. Choose from our wide-ranging book of fabrics, and customize your shirts with your choice collar and monogram styles, and cuff and pocket options.


The Suited Fox offers a comprehensive spectrum of custom clothing for men, including Hand-tailored Bespoke Suits, Sport-coats, Blazers, Jackets and Slacks. We use time-tested stitching techniques and offer an array of high-grade fabrics. Our Hand-Tailored, Custom-Made Suits use Natural Fiber threads, Bemberg Lining, and High Quality Underlying Materials to ensure that every design receives an Exceptional Fit, Feel, Design, Quality, and Value.


Choose every detail of your shirt, such as the collar style and color, button threads color, cuffs style and color, and monograms with several font offerings. The Suited Fox offers many options. Explore!

You could also leave the styling to us by proceeding directly with the default settings for the customizations.


The choice is yours for your suit, blazer, or slacks. Choose from peak or notched lapel, single- or double-breasted, button threads color, hand stitched, pleats or plain fronts, and adding a vest. Explore more options!

Like one of our signature looks? Let us do the styling for you by proceeding directly to the default settings for the customizations.

Our custom suits and shirts are tailored according to your specific body measurements to ensure a great fit. To begin, you will need a measuring tape and a second person to assist you with the measuring. Follow our easy step-by-step guide to create your measurement profile. Or you may use your preferred local tailor to take your measurements.

If you are happy with the fit of a shirt and suit you currently own, you can get our shirts tailored to that fit. Follow the easy step-by-step guide and use a measuring tape to create your measurement profile.

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Choose a local tailor. We’ll cover you.

$50 Credit per suit.

Need an alteration? Let the Suited Fox help. First, you should email us at so that we can give you a second opinion of how your garments fit and offer suggestions. Whenever you look good, we look good!

Alteration credits are available within 30 days of receiving your custom-made product. We offer up to $50 in alterations credit per custom suit all other custom-made items. Just bring the Suited Fox to your local tailor, and have him/her note the adjustments.

Remember to keep your receipt as you’ll need a photo or a scan of it to qualify for the credit. Once you have your alterations form and receipt ready, please send us an email at We’ll process the credit and adjust your measurement profile so that we can perfect your fit on future orders.

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