Graduation Gift Idea: Custom Suiting for a New Power Generation

You’ve paid tuition, sent spending money, and supported them through college. Go one extra step and purchase custom suiting to assist them in winning interviews and making a powerful impression on the job. They are a new power generation that requires a new power suit. Here are a few ways to get them started:

  • Buy anywhere from 2-4 custom shirts to wear for different looks and to give their custom suit some personality.
  • Buy one suit in a neutral, a pair of trousers, and a jacket that can be worn interchangeably.
  • Invest in good accessories like shoes, ties, and scarves to dress up their power suits.

One thing about our custom and made-to-measure clothing is that your new grad can choose contemporary jacket and pant cuts, shirts with different collars and cuffs, and colors that don’t make them feel or look uncomfortable. Plus, we have luxury fabric options that will make their new power suit all about them. Email us at for a fitting and purchase.

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