Custom is a lifestyle.

Unique Style Options

Attitude separates the fox from the sheep. The Suited Fox offers style options that bring out your “inner fox.” Your bespoke suit is the armor that puts the exclamation point on that winning attitude. Our custom-tailored suits are crafted to exude class, allowing you to leave your mark everywhere you go.


Unmatched Quality and Value

The Suited Fox is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by offering excellent quality and value. We are confident you will feel pleased, fulfilled, and empowered with your bespoke suit.

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Meticulous Tailoring

The Suited Fox’s unique & state-of-the-art processes take traditional clothing manufacturing to the next level, enabling us to deliver an impeccably crafted, custom-tailored product that perfectly adorns your distinct physique. Our consultants take body measurements with precision, to ensure the perfect fit and feel for the hand-tailored garment. Our goal is that you are the best dressed in any room.